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First-class communication laboratory

We have a national-level communications laboratory, and the first laboratory to establish a narrowband wireless simulation experiment field, and we are committed to promoting the development of the LoRa Alliance in China with SEMTECH.

2000 square meters

We have advanced equipment such as EMC electric wave anechoic chamber, antenna microwave anechoic chamber, broadband vector network analyzer, high-precision spectrum analyzer and wireless integrated tester, etc., and a comprehensive experimental site

2 practice bases

We cooperated with CUST Communication Laboratory and IEEE Guangdong Branch to jointly set up training and practice teaching bases, and regularly share scientific research results and practical experience.

4 mobile vehicles

Possess 4 mobile communication test vehicles, vehicle-mounted advanced measurement technology equipment, signal amplification and tracking equipment, wireless shielding equipment, carrier transmission equipment, and NB-IOT and Lorawan nodes, etc.