Social responsibility

The mountains and rivers are unharmed, the world is green, where the green is, everything is interco

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Do your best and keep going

Green water and green mountains

Clear waters and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver.

Energy saving

Use the power of technology to save energy and reduce emissions

High-quality development

Technology empowers, high-quality development vanguard

All-win Harmony

“Deliver excellent contribution to IOT resolution for mankind, and provide a platform of pursuing the spiritual and material well-being for employees” is the corporate vision of smacxty. Smacxty continues to implement the protection of labor rights,

Innovate to Achieve

“Innovate to enable customers achievements” is the corporate mission of SMACXTY. Innovation is the vitality of an enterprise. Customers success is the guarantee of continuous success for SMACXTY.