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Wireless narrowband technology plays an irreplaceable role in the practice of the Internet of Things

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Narrowband IoT transmission technology

In the development process of the IOT, transmission technology is the key and determines the cost and effect. It is worthy of the IOT people to study and explore courageously

long distance

Using Lora technology, it can transmit 10-15Km in the open area, 7-8km in the countryside and 3-5Km in the city

Low power consumption

Duplex transmission, the node can be set to Class C, suitable for battery power supply, used in water meter, electric meter, gas and other industries, and can be used for long standby.

Low cost

Use nationally licensed frequency bands for civil use, free communication, or use operators to provide base stations for low-cost narrowband services.

Wisdom perception technology

Sensor + AI is the key point in the development of future Internet of Things technology, perceiving the world and intelligently controlling.


It can accurately sense the types of vehicles, people, animals, wind, rain, and fog. The sensing accuracy is at the centimeter level, and the speed is 5-120Km/h.


It can intelligently judge weather influences, traffic flow square, monitor location, direct traffic, and quickly respond to alarms for abnormal time, etc.


Sensors and sensors communicate with each other, the same type of induction and different types of event communication, joint perception, and data sharing